Rift: Update 1.4 Brings New LFG and PvP Features, Coming Now!
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Trion Worlds is gearing up for launching Rift's 1.4 update to PTS (Public Test Shard) today, July 14th at 3:00PM PDT (10:00PM GMT). Now Trion needs helps to test the upcoming Cross Shard LFG system and an all new alternate gameplay mode for the Whitefall Steppes Warfront in the new update.

[15/06/11] Rift: Die Gruppensuche in Rift wird mit Patch 1.4 so umgestellt, dass die Spieler auch von unterschiedlichen Servern zusammen die Instanzen des Online-Rollenspiels bestreiten können.  (1)

Cross Shard LFG

With the release of the Cross Shard Looking for Group tool, players will have the ability to look for groups across the servers, which will be more convenience for dungeon runners to find their places.

Whitefall Steppes

Also, there is an alternative gameplay mode for the Whitefall Steppes PvP warfront. In the new mode, players need to capture three Sourcestones from the field and hold them at their base to fuel their faction's massive rune cannons. But players must be alert that Sourcestone can be stolen directly from your base by the enemy.

Trion has prepared guidelines on how to join in the PTS, be sure to check it out here.



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