RIFT Public Test Shard - How To Get Started
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Welcome to the RIFT Public Test Shard!

This Public Test Shard is the bleeding edge of the game and where you can check out the latest updates before they're released world-wide.

All active subscribers have access to the Public Test Shard when it is available; however, we will often bring the Public Test Shard offline without notice for frequent unless there is a scheduled testing event. (We'll be sure to announce them in this forum when we have one.)

Always expect the unexpected when accessing the Public Test Shard. There are no guarantees that a patch or new update won't cause everything to break, but take comfort in the fact that you're helping us to discover issues before they can impact players all around the world - thanks!

Downloading the Public Test Shard Client

You'll need a special Public Test patcher to access the Public Test Shard. You can download it here:

Simply copy the patcher into a new directory (create a folder where RIFT is installed called "PTS" for example) and login using the same Username and Password you normally use.

The patcher will need to download the latest version of the Public Test client, this may take some time and requires additional space on your hard-drive (roughly the same amount as the Live client.)

And that's it! We currently do not offer character copies to the Public Test Shard; however, the character you create there will generally be available forever and during events we often create leveling and gear merchants for your use.

Thanks for your help in making RIFT better, keep an eye on these forums for schedule events and how you can participate - Have fun!


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