RIFT Butchering Leveling Guide 110-150
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Important Tips

1: Butchering is a gathering profession that goes exceedingly well with Armorsmiths, Apothecary, and Outfitting.

2: You can also use butchering recipes to level up mining skills.

Hide Butchering

Hide Beast Level Comments
Soft Hide RIFT Butchering Guide - Soft Hide lvl 7-14 For Defiants, farm these from shadowtouched wolfs and the smaller wolfs around the shadowtouched. Shadowtouched wolfs yeld 2-4 soft hide, and smaller wolfs give 1-2 soft hide
Thin Hide RIFT Butchering Guide - Thin Hide lvl 15-21 The best place for thin hide is just north or Gloamwood Pines between the two roads on the map. There is a small field there with Darkpaw Snarlers, Darkpaw Prowlers, and Gloam Bats, all drop thin hide and there is a small cave there called Deeproot Fissure where they are as well.

All spawn rather quickly so it is easy to just run around there and pick up a few stacks within a half hour.
Medium Hide RIFT Butchering Guide - Medium Hide mid-20s-level Dropped by rams in ancient valley not boars.

Also dropped by Rotshell Grumbler (in Gloamwood). 4231.2546

Rock Ridge (in Scarlet Gorge) is another good place to farm (if you can stand all the humanoid mobs mixed in, which is trivial at higher levels). 4466,3553.
Heavy Hide RIFT Butchering Guide - Heavy Hide lvl 30-32 Iron Fall

Mobs are 30-32 at the start can kill them fairly quickly and get 1-2 hides per Ironfang Stalker
Thick Hide RIFT Butchering Guide - Thick Hide about lvl 37 A great spot for getting thick hides is in Moonshade Highlands there are Ivygrumps at 6450, 1750 level 37 mobs easily killed allot of them nice respawn rate too.
Exotic Hide RIFT Butchering Guide - Exotic Hide more than lvl 40 Droughtlands in Carrion Heights, in the bottom right area of the map
Soulhide RIFT Butchering Guide - Soulhide lvl 48-50 A Good location for farming this would be Stillmoor.

Another location, which is based upon daily spawns, which change every day, would be behind The Chancel of Labors in Iron Pine Peak. This spawn point may be possessed by other monsters... it all depends on the day.
Ironhide RIFT Butchering Guide - Ironhide lvl 48+ Beasts that require 225 Butchering drop Soulhide and have a chance to give Ironhide

Butchering in Stillmoor and Shimmersand


Butchering Trainers

Faction Skill Name Location Coordinates
Defiant Novice Ian Fellows Ark of the Ascended, Freemarch 6197,4337
Zenre Palux Kelari Refuge, Freemarch 6579,4595
Skilled Rander Michaelson Granite Falls Stonefield 4994,4948
Master Jace Prisco Epoch Plaza, Meridian 6044,5244
Guardian Novice Mardain Willows Argent Glade, Silverwood 6037,3005
Kernan Wittle Divine Landing, Silverwood 6219,3858
Master Martin Nastrin Thedeor's Circle, Sanctum 7437,2951
Neutral Master Azeran Laen Hunter's Camp, Droughtlands 8542, 6625
Thonderil Fortune's Shore, Shimmersand 6479,7035



Scarwood Reach Butchering Map

Scarwood Reach Butchering Map

Scarlet Gorge Butchering Map

Scarlet Gorge Butchering Map 



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